After putting out my first novel and getting close to publishing the second, I found myself trying to figure out what genre my books are in. This is supposed to be something every author solidly knows about his or her writing, and it may be my downfall with commercial success because many genres require formulas that readers find comforting. They all follow the same basic theme.

I can’t write that way, as many things around me capture my interest and always have.  I am not the best driver because I can find so many interesting thing along the road and will study them a little to long!  Here is why it alters my genre selection.    Lost Coast Rocket started out as science fiction but going along, it took me a way of its own. If I start writing a scene, I follow down the logical path life’s experiences tell me it should go. So by the time the scene is finished, the various forks in the road and natural randomity can take that scene into an entirely different place from where I envisioned it to go.

So if you want stories that don’t follow any formula, cookie cutter patterns you should like my new series.  What you will find is science, love, friendship, philosophy, adventure, suspense,  human nature, apocalyptic, survival…, as real-to-life as the plot will take it.

Joel Horn