Okay, so I thought I had researched the title of book two of the Mare Tranquillitatis Series, The Phoenix Egg, but obviously I didn’t – at least not well enough. Early-onset Alzheimer’s maybe… Anyway, there are currently several other books already out there by that name.

Actually, I’m glad about this because as the second book takes shape and the inspiration for the third is coming into focus, a modification to the title will bring it more in line with the theme of the series. So… The Phoenix Egg will now become Hatching the Phoenix Egg. As readers get into the series, this will make more sense.

Based on reader feedback (see my post Writing, and the Need for Reviews), I’m trying to get the second book out ahead of schedule so it clears up some of the questions people have about the ending of Lost Coast Rocket. If you want to be notified by email as soon as Hatching the Phoenix Egg is published, just sign up below.