lcr-replacement-for-kindleI’ve been hard at work putting together a number of new events.

First, Lost Coast Rocket (ebook version) will be FREE from September 28, 2016 through October 2, 2016!

Second, I’m celebrating the launch of Hatching the Phoenix Egg, the second book in the Mare Tranquillitatis series, which is now available in ebook and should be published in paperback shortly.

Third, I’ve reduced the price on both versions by 30-40%! Both Lost Coast Rocket and Hatching the Phoenix Egg are now $8.99 for paperbacks and $2.99 for ebooks!

Lastly, Lost Coast Rocket has been republished and now has a new cover and an expanded ending. The big question still isn’t answered as that carries over to Hatching the Phoenix Egg, but the ending is smoother and our beta readers liked it.

Thanks to the many people that helped with these events.hatching-the-phoenix-egg-dawn-front